REGIS™ Desktop Mapping Software
REGIS™- Real Estate Geographical Information System- is the complete desktop mapping solution for
commercial real estate and retail site selection. Made by professionals in the field of real estate, REGIS™
gets the point across with the fastest, most informative maps and reports in the industry.

REGIS™ removes the long learning curve usually involved in creating presentation quality maps. Using our
specially designed tools for site selection, demographic shading, and map layouts, anyone can sit down and
create stunning maps in just a few minutes.

Easy to use!
Create quality maps in just minutes with little or no training!
Quickly find your site using one of six easy methods.
Database functionality driven!
Easily link any type of document to map objects.

Single click data retrieval of map objects.

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Additional software features and add-ons

Merchant™ Wizard Tool-Imagine being able to create merchant logo competition maps within seconds. Now imagine being able to update your merchant data online. You can do it all with the Merchant Wizard Tool.

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Market Optimization™-This new tool, created by Sites USA exclusively for REGIS™, is designed to analyze an entire market and pinpoints high-ranking site locations according to a target demographic profile. This profile is created from demographic variables chosen by you. In this way, the Market Optimization Tool™ can recommend the best possible location to suit your needs! [More]

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Trade Area Builder- This Add-on consists of 5 tools for creating different types of trade areas:
• Customer Defined Trade Area Tool
• Build Grids Tool
• Trade Areas from a Point File Tool
• Intersect Tool
• Object Split Tool

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Data sets available
Zip Code Carrier Route- Most standard demographic data is currently based on the 2000 Census with current year estimates. The affect of using such data can allow for an under-count or over-count for geographic areas of high growth/change. The United States Postal Service (USPS) residential or business drop counts enable analysts can now utilize current data rather than rely on estimated figures. USPS Postal drops are updated quarterly.  By supplementing demographic reports with the current postal drop information, such areas can be investigated much more accurately. [view sample report]

Business Data- Quite often, the most vital statistics for site selection include the information provided in the Business Data package.  Included in this data set are Daytime Population, Major Employers, and Consumer Expenditure for goods and services, and much more.  Add the power of a Business Report to your presentations and see the difference it can make! [view sample report]

Mosaic Data- Sometimes known as "Lifestyle data", this data classifies neighborhood segmentation. Neighborhood segmentation systems are classifications of geographic areas according to their demographic, lifestyle, and other attributes. For a more detailed description click here.


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